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Colorful Notebooks

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TASHA W. Robinson (TASHE)

GDS Brands Academy, is an educational platform that allows business owners to Start, Grow, Manage and fund their business. GDS Brands Academy was founded by Tasha Robinson in 2021, a business owner that grew 4 brands using this unique learning platform.  

Tasha Williams Robinson, a native Chicagoan with 20+ years' experience in business management, consulting, accounting and real estate. Tasha's educational achievements consist of a B.A. Degree from Columbia College Chicago and a M.E.D. from American International University (AIU), several certifications in, including but not limited to taxes, and Equal Opportunity Employment Investigation.

Tasha’s passion for business operations led to founding Greater Demand Solutions in 2016 (GDS Brands).

Tasha's goal is always to educate and have clients self-sufficient in all things related to business operations.

 As the Chief Operations Officer for Insigne Real estate, my vision is to create, and build a Segway for black developers to own our land and build communities that routes its economical dollars back into its community. Through educational, mental health, and technology, we plan to bridge the gap for the future generation for a more even playing field.

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Whether a business owner needs consulting, or business education, GDS Brands is in business to get small businesses growing in the right direction. 

Levitating Books
Levitating Books

Tasha Williams Robinson

Founder &CEO

Tasha's greatest passion is educating and helping people position themselves for greatness. Tasha is also a mother of 2 children, a wife, and a business owner of multiple businesses. Tasha have over 20 years of experience in business operations, accounting and real estate management.

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Chef Al has worked in various kitchens settings: Hotels, Restaurants Cruise Ship Dining, Hospitals and Higher Education. He has over 20 year's experience as a chef.  

Al's years in working in kitchens, became fluent in office management, food cost, labor management, staff training, catering and special events, makes Chef Al an all -around businessman. His passion for passing culinary knowledge onto others and creating amazing food, makes him an incomparable chef! 

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Devin Whiteleather is originally from the western suburbs of Chicago but attended DePaul
University in Chicago for his Bachelor’s of Science in Management Information Systems. Devin
first started at GDS Brands in 2016 as a tax intern, but soon grew to love the business
consulting side of the business. He transitioned into an account representative role in 2018
where he worked with many small businesses on bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and more. Now,
Devin acts as an Account Manager overseeing client accounts and other GDS staff. He has a
passion for small businesses and seeing them succeed. Outside of work, he enjoys concerts,
spending time with family and friends, and playing video games.

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Chandra Wheatley is originally from the south suburbs of Chicago but recently moved to
northeast Arkansas in November 2019. She has a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology
as well as a degree in Communications. She joined GDS Brands in 2022 as an account
representative. In her past roles she has worked with customer service, payroll, bookkeeping,
accounts payable/receivables, budgets, and more. She has a love for seeing others accomplish
the goals they set forth, and exceeding their business expectations. She’s found great team
members in the GDS Staff. When not working, she enjoys reading, writing, concerts, and
spending time with loved ones.

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